Adivasis hurt by Bheem teaser

2020-10-26 07:58:50

The second teaser of ‘RRR’ starring Jr NTR as Komaram Bheem garnered a roaring response. With one million likes, it emerged as the first Tollywood teaser to get such an astounding response.

However, several Adivasis are said to be hurt and upset by the teaser. Speaking a few leaders of Adivasis said, Komaram Bheem was insulted by showing the protagonist wearing a Muslim tradition hat. In fact this visual from the teaser has surprised many including the history experts. They were wondering how did Rajamouli and his team learned about this or did it really happen.

The Adivasis demanded Rajamouli to remove that particular scene from the teaser and movie. If not they threatened to drag RRR movie to the court. Director Rajamouli usually prefers to stay away from controversies, so he might settle the issue off the record.

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