Beautiful Movie Review

2020-01-01 17:01:11

Ram Gopal Varma presented a new film titled Beautiful. Naina Ganguly and Suri played the lead roles in the film. Agasthya Manju is the film's director. Check out the review of the film here.


Rini (Naina Ganguly) is a very happy person who wants to enjoy her life as it comes to her. Mayank (Suri) always wants to grow in life and wants to be the best in front of his girlfriend. Both the characters of Rini and Mayank is different and they have different worlds. But, they come forward and fall in love. Because of some unfortunate incidents. both part ways. Mayank decides to leave Rini for a long time and permanent. Why did he take that decision? What did Rini do? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


Soori who played the hero in the film performed well with a subtle act. The scenes in the first half have come out well and his combination with the heroine worked out. He is good with emotions and performed so well in the movie. His hard work is seen perfectly on the big screen. Naina Ganguly is also impressive in the role she was picked for. She is hot and impressed all with a bold performance of the film. All the other actors in the film acted well, as per their limitations and scopes. The characters of the movie have goals and they have broad perspectives too. Everything came out well in the film and they have performed the best.

Technical Aspects:

Agasthya Manju is the director of the film whose taking is just okay in some scenes. As a writer, he failed completely. There are no proper high and low notes in the script that he penned. The music director of the movie is also good. He has given amazing tunes and the background score is nice, especially in the climax scenes. The editor too did enough magic with the movie. But some scenes could have been chopped off which disturbed the flow and came out boring. The visuals are good and impressive. T Naresh Kumar and T Sridhar maintained proper production values.


Naina Ganguly, Suri, and other actors acted in the film and Agasthya Manju directed Beautiful. Billed to be a romantic entertainer, the film has no attractive narration and the execution is very pale. The way the love story is handled is a huge disappointment. The film has got a feel-good story and it was not conveyed properly. We do not get the experience of watching a film. The bold performances of the lead pair is good but it is not everything that a film needs to become successful at the box-office. The uneven execution and not engaging flow of the film tests the patience of the audiences. On the whole, the film fails to impress.

Rating: 0.5/5

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