Cancer Diagnosed for Hrithik Roshan's Dad

Cancer Diagnosed for Hrithik Roshan's Dad
2019-01-08 11:35:04

Hrithik Roshan is one of the star heroes in the Telugu film industry who has been working pretty much hard in the industry to leave a positive impression at the box office. The Bollywood actor emerged as a star hero in the film industry now.

The latest buzz reveals that Hrithik Roshan's father was diagnosed with cancer. Rakesh Roshan is his father and he does not need any introduction to the cinema lovers.

Hrithik has always been trying his best to impress the people with meaningful movies. Hrithik was very upset with his father catching up with cancer and has revealed how strong his father was.

Hrithik Roshan posted, "Asked my dad for a picture this morning. Knew he wouldn't miss gym on surgery day. He is probably the strongest man I know. Got diagnosed with early-stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat a few weeks ago, but he is in full spirits today as he proceeds to battle it. As a family, we are fortunate and blessed to have a leader like him."

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