Chiru cooks fish fry for his mother

2020-08-10 19:04:24

As part of #BeTheREALMAN challenge, we have seen Megastar Chiranjeevi flipping Dosas on air and serving them to his mother Anjana Devi. That was just the trailer and here comes the real picture. Yesterday Chiru was all idle at his home and after a long thought process about what to do, Chiru decided to cook and that too for his mother.

Just when he is confused about what to cook, Chiru remembered his childhood days when his mother used to cook fish fry with tamarind paste. As it is not that time taking process, Chiru tried this recipe and posted a detailed video of the cooking process i.e, the ingredients, quantity of fish etc.

Finally Chiru gets done with cooking and takes it to his mother. He says his heart is beating fast as whether his mother would like his cooking or not. After having a morsel, Anjana Devi quietly says “Chaala Bagundi’ Nanna” and that’s it Chiru is overjoyed to receive compliments from mother.

Like no one Chiru is making perfect use of social media ever since he ventured and we hope to see many more such videos in future. Hopefully more recipes too.

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