Disco Raja Movie Review

Disco Raja
2020-01-24 14:26:55

Disco Raja stars Ravi Teja, Tanya Hope, Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh in the lead roles. VI Anand is the director of the movie. The film is produced by SRT Entertainments. Thaman scored the music for the film. There is a positive buzz around the film and it released today. Check out the review of the movie here.


Vasu (Ravi Teja) who lives in Delhi goes missing. On the parallel note, a gang headed by Sethu (Ravi Teja) is in search of Disco Raj (Ravi Teja). One day, a body that resembles Vasu and Disco Raj is found in Ladakh. Whose body is it? Who is Vasu? Who is Disco Raj? forms the story of the movie.


Ravi Teja is undoubtedly the show stealer of this movie. The entire movie revolves around his character and the actor has delivered his career-best performance in this movie. Payal Rajput's energetic performance also became one of the major plus points of this film. Nabha Natesh also looked beautiful and will also grab the attention of her performance. Tanya Hope gave her a hundred percent in justifying her role in the movie. Bobby Simha is truly an asset to this film and his outstanding performance made the movie even more intriguing. Sunil and Vennela Kishore's comedy timing worked out really well in the movie and most of their scenes will bring laughter to the theatres. Satya also will impress with his comedy. The rest of the actors also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Director VI Anand has come up with yet another interesting storyline for this movie. We can say that the director has picked up an extremely difficult and yet interesting plotline and laced it up with so much entertainment and succeeded in making the movie as engaging as possible. Director VI Anand sure will get the credit for his constant pace of narration throughout the film. Production values by Ram Talluri under SRT Entertainments banner are lavish. Music by SS Thaman is good. The songs are just average but his background score is commendable. Cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is top-notch. Editing by Naveen Nooli is neat.


Having a solid storyline became one of the major driving factors for the film. The director gave equal importance to both the story flow as well as entertainment. None of the comedy scenes felt forced which also made the movie even more impressive. The film has all kinds of commercial elements including romance and a lot of action which will be a delight to watch especially for Raviteja fans. The interval twist is really good. Though the second half is somewhat slow, the director handled both the pre-climax and climax really well. Performances, visuals, BGM are the biggest plus points of this film whereas some slow scenes will be the minus points. Overall, 'Disco Raja' is definitely a worth watching movie not only for Raviteja fans but for all movie lovers.

Rating: 2.5/5.

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