Donga Telugu Movie Review

Donga Review
2019-12-20 15:59:02

Karthi acted with Jyothika for the first time in his career for the movie Donga. The film has been an interesting one at the box office. The makers promoted it will. Jeetu Joseph directed the movie. Check out the film's review here.


Vicky (Karthi) is a small time con. On the other side, Gnana Murthy (Satyaraj) searches for his son who left home for a long time. His daughter Parvati (Jyothika) is also looking out for brother. Vicky comes as a replacement to the family for money. What happens then? Did they find the truth? What did Vicky do? Forms the story of the movie.


Karthi is definitely the show stealer for this movie. The actor has delivered the best performance in the movie and gave his 100% playing the role. Be it the action sequences or emotional scenes, Karthi has delivered his best performance. Jyothika is also one of the biggest plus points for this movie. The actress has carried her role with ease and elegance. She will definitely impress the audience with her performance. Especially her scenes with the Karthi came out really well. Sathyaraj's energetic performance added more strength to the movie. Nikhila Vimal added more glamour quotient to the film snd and also blended well with the character. Anson Paul and Bala acted naturally. Venu Nedumudi and Mahanadi Shankar justified their roles. Ilavarasu suited well for his role in the movie. The rest of the actors also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Director Jeethu Joseph will interest the audience with his pace of narration especially in the second half. The way the director has handled the story is quite impressive and story execution also worked out well for the film. Except for some draggg scenes in the second half, the director has succeeded in engaging the audience throughout the movie. Production values by Viacom 18 and Parallel Minds Productions are rich. Music by Govind Vasantha is outstanding. Keeping the songs aside, his BGM elevated all the scenes especially the emotional sequences in the second half. Cinematographer RD Rajashekar impressed with his camera angles and bright visuals. Editing by VS Vinayak is neat.


Director focused more on the sentiment scenes in the film. Though some of the scenes between Karthi and Jyothika came out really well, the overdosage of emotions might irk some audience. Also, the lack of proper story became a major setback for the film. However, performances, background score and entertainment will engage the audience. Apart from the draggy scenes in the second half, the regular also is a minus point in the movie. To conclude, 'Donga' is a one time watch especially the family audience and Karthi and Jyothika fans can happily enjoy the movie.

Rating: 2.5/5

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