Energetic Star Ram slams OTT platforms

2020-05-19 13:54:23

Energetic Ram took pot-shots at Over The Top platforms for bullying producers for the digital rights of the film. As we know the theatres and multiplexes are closed since two months and they might be extended for another month or two. So the OTT platforms are luring producers with big money.

Ram’s ‘RED’ was also in the news that this film might release in OTT before the theatrical one. However, the producers have clarified that ‘RED’ film will release only in theatres whenever they are permitted to open. Yet the rumours are not stopping.

Seems like Ram is irritated with these rumours. “The thing about the Movie Industry is..It’s a Passion for a few..a Business for most..& a Gamble for the rest..Everyone sees it from their own perspective,” tweeted and mentioned about OTT and theatrical in the hashtags.

Ram’s RED was supposed to release this May if things have been smooth.

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