Exclusive Interview of Prabhas and Anushka Shetty

2017-04-16 22:04:35

It is true that Baahubali: The Conclusion is the most awaited movie of 2017. Audience are so excited to know about Devasena and Amarendra Baahubali, their love story and what happened to them. The movie started as a regular Telugu movie but got international fame and name in no time. Currently Rajamouli and the team is busy in the promotions of the movie. Recently that two lead roles of the movie Devasena and Amarendra Baahubali (Anushka and Prabhas) shared their experiences with the media. Let's see some of the highlights in them.

Q: It seems both of you are very busy in the movie promotions. 

Prabhas: I have never talked this much in my entire career. But it's really a new experience for me being in a different place for the promotions of the movie.
Anushka: The promotions depends on the scale of the movie. As it is Baahubali, promotions would also be high. So we are enjoying this part too.

Q: What excited you the most when listening the story?

P: Director Rajamouli revealed 7 years before that we are doing a big project. He narrated the story during the dubbing of Rebel. It took me days to come out of that trance. That's when I decided.

Q: Have you ever felt that characters like this are too early for you? Were you afraid?

P: The fear was there. Not only for me, but for Rajamouli and the producers also. But the first part reduced that somewhat. We got relieved.

Q: What was your first feeling after listening to the character of Devasena?

A: We thought we could do it. (Prabhas interrupts) 
You have always been doing the queen characters since your childhood (laughs) Tell them about your mother character.

A: Initially I hesitated to do the mother role.If it's not for Rajamouli I would not have done that. As we have recently done the combination of me and Prabhas in Mirchi, I would have thought a little bit. But the character has so many emotions. If it was not Rajamouli I would not have done that. (Laughs) 

Q: It took so many days to see Anushka as a Queen. Have you felt like that?

A: No, because we were busy working continuously. So I haven't felt like that.
Q: Did he told you that the movie would take so much time?

P: No, he said it takes two and half years. But I said that it will take one and half year more. Because I saw a world class movie in that and opportunities like this come only once. So I haven't thought that time would be a big problem.

Q: Have you always been planning to release the movie in all the languages?

P: Actually we've done the dialogue practice in Telugu and Tamil language in the workshop. We thought if the movie works out in Telugu, then it will definitely work out in Tamil industry. We were not confident about the Hindi industry. Because, all the characters in the movie are from south industry. But I don't have that fears because movies like this won't come often.

Q: It's lovely to watch Rajamouli family working together. All the 4 members agreeing on the same decision is very difficult. What do you think about that?

P: Yeah it's really great. His kids grew in front of me. But, I have never seen ego in the family. Rajamouli son Kartikeya used to work in an ice cream parlour when Rajamouli was a big director after Magadheera hit. All the four members know how to work hard. Maybe that's why they achieved so much.

Q: Tamanna look glamorous in the first part but she did war scenes. How is she going to be in this movie second part?

A: There is glamour, there is so many good emotions. There are good songs. Audience would definitely enjoy the movie. 

Q: Who is the sweetest in your team?

P: I think each and everyone has their own craziness.

A: I think it's Tamanna. She is very balanced. We knew that she is exhausted, but once she comes on set, she'll be full energetic always smiling.

Q: What about marriage?

P: I don't know. I don't even know whether it would be a love marriage or an arrange marriage.

A: We genuinely don't have any plans. It is a big event. It might be in a month or it might take another 6 years.(laughs)But my mother would kill me.

Q: Expectations are very high on the movie. Does that pressure you?

P: Rajamouli always gives beyond expectations. He has already proved that in the first part itself. The second part will mesmerizing too.

A: It's definitely is a visual treat. Audience will connect themselves to lot of emotions. So there is nothing like pressure on us.

Baahubali is one of the legendary movies which took the Telugu film industry to whole new level. The movie brought Anushka and Prabhas so much craze. The confidence in them is mirrored in each and every word they spoke

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