HIT Review

HIT Review
2020-02-28 15:03:22

Nani is extremely happy that his new movie HIT is hitting the screens from today. Natural Star Nani produced the film while young hero Viswaksen and Ruhani Sharma played the lead roles in the movie. The movie marks the debut of a new director Sailesh who is a doctor. The trailer that released long back already created unique curiosity on the film. Vivek Sagar is the music director of the film. The film unit promoted the movie well and check out the review of the film below.


Vikram Rudraraju (Vishwak Sen) is a 30-year-old police officer in Telangana. Some horrific incidents that took place in his life keep on hurting him and his traumatic past makes it hard for him to live his life peacefully. When he has been suffering from severe hallucinations, a girl named Preethi disappears. Despite having some illnesses, Vikram decides to solve the mystery of her disappearance. Can he solve the missing case? What happened to Preethi? What happened, in the end, forms the crux of the story.


When compared to 'Falaknuma Das', Vishwak Sen got an extremely different kind of character in this film. But, the actor has pulled it off with ease and energy. We can say that Vishwak Sen went under the skin of the character and has delivered his career-best performance in the film. His outstanding performance also became one of the major highlights of the movie. Ruhani Sharma looked absolutely stunning in this picture. The actress who played the girl next door kind of role in 'Chi La Sow' showcased the different angle in her and will definitely impress the audience. Murali Sharma breathes life into his character and has delivered an honest performance in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

Director Sailesh Kolanu has come up with an interesting plotline for the movie and narrated it in an interesting manner. He tried to maintain the suspense throughout the film and has succeeded in narrating the story in an interesting manner. His narration and way of presentation also became a few of the plus points for this film. Production Values by Prashanthi Tipirneni are lavish. Music by Vivek Sagar is really good. Especially his background score will make the film even more intriguing. Visuals and camera angles by cinematographer S Manikandan are top-notch and added more strength to the film. Editing by Garry BH is decent.


Hit is an edge of the seat thriller which manages to keep the audience vested in the proceedings right from the beginning. The first half of the film leaves us with clues and mysteries. The second half is all about how Vishwak unravels all the mysteries. Barring a few scenes in the second half, the entire film is a thrilling ride. Vishwak's soulful performance is also an add-on for the movie. On the whole, Hit is a true blue thriller which we don't regularly watch in Telugu cinema.

Rating: 2.75/5

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