Iddari Lokam Okate Review

Iddari Lokam Okate
2019-12-25 13:28:27

Raj Tarun and Shalini Pandey played the lead roles in the movie Iddari Lokam Okate. The movie released today. Dil Raju is the producer while G Krishna Reddy of Aadu Magadra Bujji fame is the director. There is a good buzz around the movie and read on, to know the film's review.


Mahi (Raj Tarun) is the son of a famous photographer. One day, he organizes a photography exhibition as a tribute to his father. There he meets Varsha (Shalini Pandey) who is an aspiring actress. Varsha is a struggling heroine who has been waiting to become a star. Their friendship soon blossoms into love. How destiny played a crucial part in their relationship? What happened to their love story in the end forms the rest of the story.


Raj Tarun's breathed life into the character. His engaging performance is worth appreciating. Especially, his expressions and dialogue delivery are refreshing as well as entertaining. Shalini Pandey's scenes also came out well. She has not only looked absolutely gorgeous in the movie but also has maintained beautiful chemistry with her co-star Raj Tarun. These two actors have impressed the audience with their performances. The rest of the actors also deliver decent performances in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

Director GR Krishna tried to narrate the movie in an interesting way. Though a couple of scenes in the second half of the movie are extremely dull, the director has succeeded in making the movie as lively as possible. His pace of narration is also quite impressive. Production values by Shirish under Sri Venkateswara Creations banner are rich. Music by Mickey J Meyer is superb. A couple of songs added more beauty to the song and his heart touching BGM also made the movie even more interesting. Cinematographer Sameer Reddy has produced some catchy visuals for the movie. Editing by Thammi Raju is clean and neat.


Iddari Lokam Okate is an interesting film that released today. The movie started off on a positive note but unfortunately, the pace falls down drastically. The film could have been much better than what it was but there is no high scenes that could elevate the movie, as a whole. What has been presented in the film is certainly boring and the audiences could not find an emotional connect although the film comes up with loads of emotional content. The second half is more focused on the emotional content and heart touching scenes. Although they are good in parts, the movie missed giving a connection to the audiences. On the whole, it is good only in parts.

Rating: 2./5

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