Jr. NTR doing the same mistake again?

2017-03-25 08:22:15

Now a days to become a star hero one needs have a Rs. 100 crore film. The movie isn't considered to be a have high budget movie unless it's around Rs. 50 crores . If it has some visual effects the budget will hike to another 10 crores. Currently the only problem of the movies is the budget. So even though the movies are doing commercially good at the box office they end up being flop movies

More than any other hero NTR has experienced this so many times. Though Temper Nannaku Prematho movies did exceptionally well at the box office because of the over budget the both movies stayed in the average movie category. The same happened with the budget of Janatha Garage movie. Though the budget was very high but because there was no other movie playing at the same time, the movie collected good amount. Now NTR is doing a movie with Bobby.

Bobby is also making this a big budget movie in this movie. NTR is going to play triple role for the first time in so many years. Junior NTR is getting ready to do this role, among these three roles one is a villain role. For the makeup of that character the movie team invited makeup expert Vance Hartwell  from Hollywood.

Producer Kalyan Ram decided not to hesitate in the budget matters
 As this is his first movie with his brother he is not compromising in the budget. NTR has also started participating in the shooting. The movie unit also said that the movie is coming out very well. Having love for his brother is good thing but this would might become a big headache for the buyers. Bobby's experience is also very low. His previous movie Power was just average. PawanKalyan had a big role in a Sardaar's outcome. So Bobby's talent will be displayed completely in the Jai Lava Kusha movie. If this movie becomes a hit then undoubtedly Bobbys fate would take a good turn.

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