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2017-04-19 06:04:53

Raasi : Yesteryear heroine Raasi is back with a bang. Her forthcoming horror film Lanka is all set to hit the screens on April 21st. Directed by Srimuni, the film is being produced by Dinesh Namana and Vishnu Kumar Namana under Rolling Rocks Entertainments. The film features the debut actors Ronak, Ina Saaha and Leena. Sricharan Pakala has composed the tunes. The actress has revealed some interesting insights about this film and her upcoming projects, let's have a look.

Why is Lanka different from your previous films?

So far I have acted in almost 75 films. But Lanka is one such different film, that I haven't in my entire career. In this film, I acted without any makeup and in the character of a 45-year-old woman. The story revolves around the character Telepathy. This woman in unexpected conditions meets the heroine and what happens next, what is the connection between duo forms the rest of story. Initially, they tried for some North actresses for this role and after that, they approached me. I was hesitated to pick up this character in the first, but director Srimuni convinced me that I will aptly suit for this role and also I am a familiar face to Telugu audience.

How do you feel when Nandini Reddy approached you for a mother role?

She approached me a long back for that role. But I rejected it as I don't want to play a mother role in Kalyana Vaibhogame all of a sudden, after appearing as heroine in so many films. But I accepted it later. I liked that character very much. When we are doing as a lead actress, we should be very careful. But at my age, there is no such thing. I am ready to act as a sister and mother characters in my second innings.

How the life changed for present generation heroines when compared to your time?

Well, everything has changed. To say frankly, the life becomes easier for them. In our time, there were no convoys and all, we used to sit under the trees during breaks. But now many facilities provided for heroines. Even they are getting our remuneration in one single day.

Are you ready to act as a judge for reality shows?

I don't have much knowledge about them. But if I get a chance I will definitely do it.

You recently met Pawan Kalyan what is your feeling?

As it was my daughter's birthday I went there to meet him. But security asked me for an appointment. After sometime, Kalyan himself asked me to come and I spent more than an hour there talking with him. I can't explain in words, how happy I am at that time.

What are your upcoming projects?

I haven't signed any other film so far and eagerly waiting for the release of Lanka.

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