Maestro begins music for Son of India

Maestro Ilaiayaraaja
2021-02-20 18:00:06

Maestro Ilaiayaraaja is returning to Tollywood with Collection King Mohan Babu’s upcoming movie ‘Son Of India.’ This film’s music compositions has begun recently and a video of it is posted by producer Vishnu Manchu.

“To produce a movie with legends is a God sent opportunity for me. And to make a iconic prose into a song, only a legend could do it. I wanted to share this video with you.And brining the song visually is another story altogether; that I will share soon. #sonofindia @themohanbabu,” tweeted Vishnu.

 In the video we can see Mohan Babu explaining a situation and to his Ilaiyaraaja says that it’s quite difficult. Well nothing is difficult for a legend like Ilaiyaraaja and we are sure that he will deliver terrific music like he always does.

‘Son of India’ is being directed by ‘Diamond’ Ratnababu.

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