Mamangam Review

2019-12-12 18:24:40

After Yatra, Malayalam superstar Mammotty has now come up with a Malayalam film that has been promoted a lot in multiple languages including Telugu. The Malayalam film got dubbed in Telugu with the same name and released today in the theatres. Mammotty too came to Hyderabad for the promotions of his movie. The film released today and read on to know our analysis of the film.

Mamankam is the name of the festival that people in Kerala used to celebrate during the 17th century. Chaaverukal rulers used to go against from time to time on Zamorin rulers. At this point, Chandroth (Unni Mukundan) from Chaaverukal rulers takes a lead to plot against Zamorin rulers. As the planning is underway and when the things are about to fall in place, Chaver (Mammootty) steps in. Who is he? Why did he come? What does he want? Forms the story of the movie.

Mammootty is definitely the show stealer of this movie. The versatile and talented actor has carried the entire movie on his shoulders with his outstanding performance as the major driving factor. Mammootty under the skin of the character and his screen presence will be an eye feast for the audience. Unni Mukundan's energetic performance added more strength for the film. Achuthan also acted really well in the film and blended well with the character. Prachi Tehlan justified her role completely. Siddique gave his hundred percent for his role in the movie. Tarun Arora and Mohan Sharma also delivered honest performances in the film. Anu Sithara acted naturally and breathes life into her character. Kaniha and Maala Parvathi also delivered decent performances in the film. The rest of the actors also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
Director M Padmakumar has come up with an interesting plotline for the movie. Despite having a period backdrop, the director will engage the audience with his narration. We can say that the director has handled the story really well and executed it in a proper way without irking the audience. Also, he made the storyline as interesting as possible and easily relatable to the audience. Production values by Venu Kunnappilly under the Kavya Film Company is the highlight of the film. Music by M Jayachandran is worth appreciating. Also, the background score is given by Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara also became the biggest plus point for this film. Cinematographer Manoj Pillai has produced some beautiful visuals for the film. The bright and colorful visuals also helped the audience to get engaged. Editing by Raja Mohammad is clean and neat.

Mamangam is one of those films that initially create a lot of interest but when watched, we will only come to know that there is nothing great about it except the production design, action sequences, and performances. The key element story is not so engaging and it results in a poor historical costume drama that has no end. The backdrop might be relatable to Malayalee audiences but the nativity factor becomes a negative aspect for Telugu people. The narration is so weak and tests the patience of the audiences. All in all, the film is a big boring feast


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