Manchu Lakshmi Interview

2017-03-19 23:06:30

Lakshmi Bomb is the upcoming movie of Manchu Lakshmi. She is playing the role of judge in this film. Her character has two dimensions and it is going to hit the theatres on 10th of this month. The movie is directed by Kaarthikeya GopalaKrishna. In the promotions of the movie Lakshmi shared some matters regarding the movie on Tuesday in Hyderabad. Let's see what she said..

Q : Tell us something about the movie..
A : I liked the script very much. We have seen so many movies in the horror thriller genre. But this one has a beautiful family sentiment as well as highlighted current issues.

Q : What is your reaction when you heard the title to be Lakshmi Bomb?
A : Honestly, I scolded my director first. I suggested to keep the title as working. But as soon as the movie was started so many people said that they liked the title so much. I have a market too. So I thought I could do movies keeping my name in the titles.

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