Mokshagna Nandamuri Turns 25

2019-09-07 08:27:53

Mokshagna Nandamuri is the son of Balakrishna Nandamuri. It is said that Mokshagna is going to celebrate his birthday today and it marks his 25th birthday but there is absolutely no confirmation on the actor's debut as an actor. The Nandamuri fans are always on the waiting mode to know when Mokshagna will come up with the good news but as of now, there is no confirmation.

Since more than two years, there is a buzz about Mokshagna's film debut in Tollywood but the actor has remained silent all these days and has given no clarity on it. Even Balayya Babu is also having no clarity as to pick which director for this heavy launch pad.

Since it is his birthday today, the fans are now expecting that an announcement will make way.


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