Naga Babu Hurt With Balayya's Comments On Janasena

Naga Babu Hurt With Balayya's Comments On Janasena
2019-01-08 12:03:39

After taking on Balakrishna Nandamuri for his remarks at three instances, Naga Babu konidela, the Mega brother released two more videos where he explained the reason behind reacting to the actor's comments. In two other videos, Naga Babu pointed out the other comments that Balakrishna actually made at several instances in the past.

In one of the video, Balakrishna revealed that he wantedly did not invite Mega Star Chiranjeevi to Lepakshi celebrations event and also made some extra remarks that did upset Naga Babu. Naga Babu revealed the same.

In another video that came out this morning, Balakrishna made comments on Janasena party indirectly. Naga Babu took it as the comments directed to his brother's Janasena party.

Hence, Naga Babu has bashed out Balakrishna for all his comments and announced that another video is on the way.

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