Netflix gives shock to Baahubali producers

Netflix baahubali
2020-07-02 08:08:12

The film ‘Baahubali’ is India’s biggest blockbuster but there are many unknown facts about the movie. To unfold these mysteries, popular Over-The-Top, Netflix has teamed up with Baahubali producers to bring the prequel titled ‘Baahubali – Before Beginning’ in the form of web-series.

For this Netflix has roped in director Praveen Sattaru and Deva Katta. The shooting has begun some years back and very recently Netflix is said to have watched the rushes. They seems to have unimpressed with the output and reportedly asked for reshoot.

Also Netflix has cut down the budget of this web-series. Initially Netflix planned to have thirteen episodes and for each episode about Rs 10 crore and now they want to bring it down and asked directors Praveen and Deva Katta to do in a limited budget.

The other thing Netflix was not impressed is with the quality of visual effects. So all in all the ‘Baahubali’ web-series will take lot of time for streaming and this means fans of the film need to wait for long time than expected. 

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