Popular anchor gives clarity on health

 Pradeep Machiraju
2019-11-09 11:43:07

Pradeep Machiraju is one of the popular and successful TV hosts on the Telugu small screen industry. With his TV shows, anchoring and the public events, Pradeep made a unique mark for himself. On the other side, he has been inactive currently and there are rumors that his health is not good.

Apparently, a lot of people speculated that he is unwell and Pradeep's silence all these days worried everyone a lot. Meanwhile, the exciting buzz is that Pradeep has come up with clarity on the same, saying that he is perfectly fine.

"I do not have any health issues. I got injured to my leg and the doctors advised me to take rest for some days. Because of the same, I am unable to do any TV shows. I will soon get back to the track." revealed Pradeep.

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