Prathi Roju Pandage Review

Prathi Roju Pandage Review
2019-12-20 13:30:17

Sai Dharam Tej and Raashi Khanna played the lead roles together in the film Prathi Roju Pandage. The film is directed by Maruthi. The movie released today amidst a huge buzz and the makers of the movie are confident about the success of the movie. The film's review is here. Check it out.


Raghuramayya (Satyaraj) who lives in Rajahmundry finds out that he is suffering from the last stage of cancer and only has a few days to live. He wants to meet his children and grandchildren for one last time. But they all live far away from him in foreign and try to make excuses. But Raghuramayya's grandson (Sai Tej) comes to keep his grandfather happy. The rest of the story deals with Sai Tej's trials to keep his grandfather happy in his last days and teaching a lesson to the family.


When compared to his previous movies, Sai Dharam Tej got a full-length comedy role in this movie and the actor has delivered his career-best performance in this film. His comedy time worked out really well for the film and Sai Tej has delivered an entertaining performance throughout the film.  Raashi Khanna not only looked beautiful but also will impress the audience with her stunning performance. Though her role has a comic touch, the actress has justified her role by giving her 100% percent. Sathyaraj and Rao Ramesh played crucial roles in this film and their energetic performances will be the major highlight. The scenes with Sathyaraj and Rao Ramesh will be hilarious as well as emotional. Prabha and Naresh delivered decent performances. Vijayakumar and Murali Sharma also acted well. The rest of the actors made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Director Maruthi Dasari has come up with a strong storyline for the movie. The director took a small point and blended the story with so many commercial elements like romance, comedy, entertainment sentiment and action sequences as well. We can see the director has combined them all really well and has delivered a decent output with the film. Production values by GA2 Pictures and UV Creations are lavish. Music by SS Thaman is outstanding. A couple of songs have already impressed the audience and his BGM is also astounding and added more strength to the movie. Cinematographer Jayakumar has produced some sleek visuals for this film. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is neat.


Entertainment will be the biggest plus point of this film. The entire first half is all about the story establishment and the character introductions. Most of the characters got impactful roles in the film and everyone has delivered their best performances in the film. Especially, the relationship between Sathyaraj and Sai Dharam Tej got showcased in a beautiful way. Most of the comedy scenes worked out well and Maruthi mark comedy is the biggest plus point. However, the draggy scenes in the second half will become the major setback for the film. Despite having a good story, entertaining, gripping narration, impressive performances, the draggy scenes in the second half might irk some audience. The climax and pre-climax is fine but the emotional dosage in the mid-second half is very dull. On the whole, 'Prathi Roju Pandaage' is a one time watch and some sections of the audience can really enjoy the film.

Rating: 3/5.

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