Ragala 24 Gantallo Review

2019-11-22 19:10:56

Satyadev, Eesha Rebba and others played the lead roles in the movie Ragala 24 Gantallo. Sri Navahas Creations and Sri Karthikeya Celluloids jointly produced the movie. Damurakam fame Srinivas Reddy directs the movie. Srinivas Kanuru produced the film which is said to be a suspense thriller. The film hit the screens today. Read on to know the review of the movie here.

Rahul (Satyadev) is a famous photographer who falls in love with orphan Vidya (Eesha Rebba. Both get married and live together. But Vidya is close to Ganesh (Ganesh Venkatraman) and Rahul could not take it. He becomes upset mentally and starts an argument with her. Later, it results in a clash and eventually, Rahul gets murdered. Who killed Rahul? What is the reason for his murder? What happens then? Forms the story of the film.

Satyadev is the major attraction of the movie and his performance is amazing in the movie. The performance of the actor is too good and he also impressed as a psycho person. The negative shade got portrayed well in the film. After a long time, Eesha Rebba also got a performance-oriented movie. Eesha Rebba did well in the emotional scenes and suspense scenes. The actress will surely get more chances in the coming days. Sriram played a key role after a long time in the film. His performance is really very good. Ganesh Venkatraman is impressive in his part too. The rest of the cast did their job well and impressed everyone.

Technical Aspects:
The film is made on a small budget and the production values are good too. The film happens in a bungalow and all the scenes are good. The camera work is impressive and the visuals are nice. The editing is impressive. The songs are okay and the background score is impressive. The way director Srinivas Reddy narrated the story is nice. There is not much experiment that went into exploring the genre. The screenplay is very straight. On the whole, the movie impresses with many good scenes. On the whole, the film is a one-time watch.

There are not so good twists and turns in the plot and the narration is good. Everything showed in the film came out well and the story has got many hook points. Except for a couple of scenes, the film looks good in the first half. The movie is good in parts and it falls flat at some points and fails to impress with some scenes. There are many logics that the makers missed out and it is not expected in a crime thriller. The climax twist is not so impressive.

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