Rahman calls for celebration of SPBs life

2020-09-27 12:42:58

Music composer AR Rahman was devastated by the tragic demise of legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam. Post the death, Rahman shared a picture and a short video and today he posted a video in which he shared many moments with the singer.

In the video, Rahman recalled his first biggest moment of his life. In 1982-83, SPB birthday celebrations were grandly held at music academy and Rahman performed at this event.

“SPB used to learn a song in 15 minutes, sing it in 10 minutes and go to the next recording. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a singer that quick, professional and so humbled. I have many memories with him. When I first recorded for my debut film as composer, SPB came into the studio and questioned how can this studio produce cinematic sound? I smiled at him and after the release of the film, he came to me and said that I proved that music can be produced from anywhere,” said Rahman.

Adding, the Oscar winner said SPB would never say no to anything. He is always ready for experiments. So I don’t know whether any singer will be as versatile as him. He lived a full life in music, kindness and modesty. All I can say is we should celebrate his music, his life and personality. SPB sir we miss you.

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