Rajinikanth into politics?

2017-04-09 08:15:26

Rajinikanth is a superstar in both Kollywood and Tollywood. Tamil nadu people waiting for political entry of Rajinikanth. The Kollywood people are trying so hard to see superstar Rajinikanth as a politician. So many people, fans and politicians tried to drag him into the politics. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to involve him in politics too.

But every time Rajnikant tries to escape saying that he don't know a word about politics. But with the current situations in Tamilnadu including jayalalitha's death, sasikala's plans for the power and Paneer Selvam doings, all made a political breakdown in Tamilnadu. When Jayalalitha was alive no one ever thought about what would happen to Tamilnadu.

But after her death, Tamilnadu went into it deep political loneliness. So in this current situations, Tamil Nadu politics direly needs a strong leader. So the existing politicians are wondering why not superstar Rajinikanth be that ray of hope in Tamil Nadu politics. So many people have already did their trials in launching Rajnikant into politics.

Even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally met with Rajnikant to invite him join into BJP. But the superstar politely declined this offer. People are saying that politics have eventually changed so much and at this time If Rajnikanth did enter into the politics there is a good chance that he'll definitely shine in it.

Recently Rajnikanth is organising some fan meetings. In that meetings he is going to each and every district meeting with his fans. That too the good thing about the people in Tamil Nadu is encouraging people even if they are outside their state. For example Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, MGR and so many like this are not originally Tamilians. In the same way Rajnikant is also not a Tamilian. He came from a Marathi family.

So no matter how many people did their trials in various ways, Rajnikant heart is not melting and he is still not interested to join the politics. Even if you really wants to join the politics the are some situations which are becoming obstacles for him. For example Rajnikant has been distant from politics till now. So if you enter into the politics now people would say that he stayed distant from the politics only because he was afraid of Jayalalitha.

Then his whole image would be damaged. So thinking about all of this superstar Rajinikanth stayed away from politics, politely saying that Jayalalitha position is replaceable and the politics doesn't suit him well. We will have to wait and see if Rajnikant makes a decision to join the politics or he'll stay away from it..

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