RGV Jealous of Naga Babu

RGV Jealous of Naga Babu
2019-01-08 12:13:42

Ram Gopal Varma never leaves an opportunity to mock Mega family. Though his words look like appreciation, there is another meaning to his statements always. Now, he showered praises on Naga Babu saying that he was unhappy that Naga Babu is emerging as a Super Star in defending his brothers. This has become quite a sensation now as RGV tweeted it to Naga Babu saying that he loves all Mega brothers.

"Commemtlalo nannu minchipoyarane naa jealousy baadha oka vaipu..Thana star brotherlani defend cheyyatamlo super star ayipoyarane aanandam oka vaipu..Oka kanta kanneru ..Maro kanta panneru..Naga babu Garu Hats Off  ..I love ur brothers as much as u luv them." tweeted Ram Gopal Varma on his Twitter profile.

RGV also shared one of the videos of Naga Babu which are currently trending viral on the social media.

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