Sai Dharam Tej Special Interview

2017-11-30 02:29:41

It is a well-known fact that Sai Dharam Tej is gearing up for the release of Jawaan, which is BVS Ravi's directorial. The movie is all set to hit the screens on December 1. The actor is currently busy with the promotional activities of this movie and ahead of its release, the actor revealed some interesting facts in this interview. Check it out:

1. Tell us about mega brothers.
Sai Dharam Tej (SDT): My breath, my life.

2. Are you still using the bike gifted by Pawan Kalyan?
SDT: Yes.

3. After getting two flops, don't you feel it risky to work with BVS Ravi?
SDT: Yeah, Tikka and Winner. But Winner is not completely a flop movie. It is just an averae movie. Even Nakshatram also flop. But I worked hard for this movie, so the audience have to decide after watching it whether it is a hit or flop.

4. What is Jawaan?
SDT: People might thought it is the story of either an army officer or soldier, because of the title. But it is completely different one. We can see Jawaan's in every house.

5. Have you ever become Jawaan in real life?
SDT: Iam Jawaan for my house.

6. The movie looks like an action and family entertainer? Is that true?
SDT: Yes, it is an action and thriller movie.

7. What about your photograph with Mehreen?
SDT: Enough brother. Everyone thinking that I have many girlfriends, which is not true. Iam friendzoned many times. Now, I am leading a happy and single life. Why to get into trouble now?

8. Why you chose Prasanna as villian in this movie?
SDT: He is an extraordinary person. We approached many actors in TFI for this role, but it didn't happen. So, when we asked him for this role. He liked it very much and immediately gave a nod to it.

9. Why we have to watch this movie?
SDT: Correct question. We struggled very hard for this movie. If you are in a mood to watch an action thriller, then go for this film. You will definitely feel satisfied with watching it.

10. You remade Chiranjeevi songs in your films. Did Charan ever objected that?
SDT: After watching song, they appreciated me, but never objected me.

11. What is your equation with Ram Charan?
SDT: We are very close. We born and bought up at same place, so we always have a healthy and strong bond.

12. What is the name, that comes to your mind, when heard about the word Best Dancer?
SDT: Chiranjeevi garu. But in this generation, Bunny, Charan and Tarak.

13. Why don't you ever imitate Pawan Kalyan?
SDT: What are you talking brother. We bought seeing them, so unconsciously we sometimes imitate them, but not intentionally.

14. So, your brother also entering into the industry?
SDT: It's his decision.

15. Who is your inspiration to do social service?
SDT: I think in 2007, I read a quotation and much impressed with that. Since then I am much interested in doing something for child education. But that time, I couldn't do that, so I am doing it right now.

16. You always show so much love on your fans. Why?
SDT: Not my fans, they are mega family fans. I always love to spend sometime with them. How can I behave odd, if someone admiring you so much.

17. Are you in competition with Varun Tej? 
SDT: No, I am not in competition with anyone and we are close. The most important thing, we are family. We all belong to one tree.

18. Reason for doing Krishna Vamsi's Nakshatram.
SDT: I feel previliaged to work with him. One day, he asked me for that character and I said Yes. After doing that character, I changed a lot.

19. Pick your favourite amon Tikka, Winner and Nakshatram.
SDT: All my movies are favourite. I learned something from each and every one. It is hard to pick one.

20. Ileana, Nayanthara and Deepika, whom will you choose?
SDT: All the three (Laughs)

21. Whom will you choose for multi-starrer apart from mega family.
SDT: I have to think about it.

Mega and Nandamuri family bond is getting stronger day by day. Is that true?
SDT: Yes, we all belong to one family. Ram Charan and Tarak's multi-starrer is going to be the biggest blockbuster in the industry.

Name one producer, actor or director, who irritated you the most?
SDT: Almost I enjoyed all my shootings and no one ever irritated me till now.

When you are going to get married?
SDT: I am happy, right now. Don't irritate me with these questions.

How is your mother?
SDT: She is very happy.

What do you want to share with audience about Jawaan? 

SDT: We hope this film will definitely entertain the audience. Go with your family and friends and watch it in your nearest theater. Don't encourage piracy.

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