Sonu Sood brings in oxygen plant from France

Sonu Sood
2021-05-11 15:13:38

Sonu Sood has been giving in oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to varied hospitals and organisations to help save people amidst the ongoing pandemic. Now, Sonu is bringing oxygen plants from France and other nations for installing at varied places in India.

Sonu Sood is now trying to prepare the country for the 3rd wave of the pandemic. Sonu Sood plans to install at least four of the oxygen plants he is bringing in for the people in the worst-hit Covid-19 states of India. “We are bringing in oxygen plants for the people in need. We have seen a lot of people suffering because of the unavailability of oxygen cylinders. We have got it now, and are already giving it to people. However, these oxygen plants will not only supply to entire hospitals but will also get these oxygen cylinders filled up, which will solve a major problem of the people suffering from Covid-19,” added Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood informs that the first plant has already been ordered and it will be arriving in 10 - 12 days from France. The actor philanthropist further adds, "Time is the biggest challenge for us at the moment & we are working our best to make sure everything comes in time and we don't lose more lives” concluded Sonu Sood.

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