Sumanth regrets working with Nag and ANR

2020-08-10 19:35:17

Hero Sumanth's career never took off that expectedly despite having a solid background. Sumanth has his share of ups and downs. When he was going through flops in the initial years of his career, Sumanth teamed up with his grandfather and legendary actor ANR and Mammaiyya, King Nagarjuna.

Both the films ended as disasters and Sumanth regrets working for these films now. Yes after years, Sumanth has confessed that he had to do those films forcibly. Coming to the case of ‘Snehamate Idera,’ the film was a hit in Malayalam and Tamil languages. But the Telugu audiences somehow did not like the film.

Coming to ‘Pelli Sambandham,’ Sumanth said he had done the film just because of Raghavendra Rao. “To cast me and grandfather was the idea of Raghavendra Rao but I was not convinced with the script. Yet I did the film,” said Sumanth.

These days, Sumanth is doing films very selective. His last hit was ‘Malli Raava.’

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