Vakeel Saab Trailer Review..Pawan does the talking

Vakeel Saab
2021-03-29 18:05:14

The much anticipated trailer of ‘Vakeel Saab’ starring Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has finally arrived and here is how it goes.

Starts showing three young and go-lucky ladies i.e, Anjali, Nivetha Thomas and Ananya Nagalla and their bonhomie. But it gets disturbed one night. All the three end up at the doors of court.

“Are you a virgin?” asks advocate Nanda (familiar Name Isn’t it?) played by Prakash Raj. The case unfolds with three ladies attacking a group of men and are pictured as accused.

Satya Dev takes up the case of these helpless women and then it’s serious courtroom drama. Pawan does a lot of talking yet it makes curious proceedings. Seeing Pawan as advocate is a first for all and it is put in simple manner rather than exaggerating.

The trailer ends on a funny note where Pawan asks the victim “Are you a virgin?” Countering Prakash Raj’s objection, Pawan says what’s wrong in this question which was the same posed to the women.

Sriram Venu is the director of ‘Vakeel Saab’ and the trailer suggests intense confrontation. Thaman’s music is a big highlight to the visuals and he takes it to another level.

Produced by ‘Dil’ Raju and presented by Boney Kapoor, ‘Vakeel Saab’ is striking the box office on April 9th.

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