Vakkantham Suryanarayana Rao Biography

2017-03-19 23:03:51

Vakkantham Suryanarayana Rao is an Indian Telugu language author. He wrote several short stories and serialized novels for magazines and translated spiritual texts for the Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam and had friends among literary circles. His son Vakkantham Vamsi became a screenwriter in Telugu films.[1]

Born in 1942 five years before India's independence, at Arikela village, Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh, South India, Vakkantham Suryanarayana Rao had studied up to school final. Having witnessed the first independence day of India, a sense of patriotism and social awareness is injected in him since childhood.

He wrote his first story in his childhood for kids. He showed it to his father late Mr.Varadayya. He, the affectionate father who always appreciated and encouraged his son’s inbuilt talent, tapped his back and advised him to read extensively before starting writing. He gave him a novel titled, Ithanni nammakandi which means do not trust this guy. Yeah, that was a detective novel, written by then great writer Temporau. V.S Rao read it several times. Following the advice of his father Mr. Rao continued reading books of all types throughout his teens. He became very close to the legend writer Mr. Temporau, who introduced pocket size detective novels in Telugu language. He became mentor to Mr. V.S Rao and encouraged him to start writing. He used to tell repeatedly that Mr. V.S Rao, ‘You are my successor in detective fiction writing’! He has rightly predicted that Mr. V.S Rao would become a future Telugu legend writer.

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