Vishwak is mad in Paagal teaser

Paagal teaser
2021-02-18 12:05:11

Young hero Vishwak Sen earned a raging image among the young audiences with his previous films and so he is banking heavily on this craze. His next is titled ‘Paagal’ and the teaser of it is unveiled.

Seen as a go-lucky guy, Vishwak looks handsome but he turns truly ‘Paagal’ when someone teases his girl. There is a catch here as he promises to many girls including some aged woman but it’s all a fun part.

The teaser shifts into Vishwak’s mad show as he gets beaten up by baddies just to see the happiness in his girl’s eyes. Vishwak repeats aggressive performance yet again. Though it’s repetitive, the teaser has some freshness but only a bit.

Directed by Naressh Kuppili, Simran Chowdary and Megha Lekha are seen in the female lead roles while Rahul Ramakrishna provides entertainment.

Radhan is composing music for ‘Paagal’ which is slated for April 30th release.

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